The Ultimate Guide To Escort Etiquette

It can be both daunting and exhilarating booking your first appointment with an escort. But it needn’t be stressful, and we strive to ensure all parties involved are safe, comfortable and satisfied. 

Le V aims to provide a level of service that encompasses more than just sex. To help with that, we have created the ultimate guide to escort etiquette to answer your burning questions, humanise the experience for you and turn any undue concern about your impending appointment into a satisfactory experience.

Booking Your Date With Our Escorts

We want to make sure you enjoy every moment with your date, so the first time you reach out to us we will speak with you to find out what your preferences and expectations are.

Everyone has different preferences, specifications and desires, and having this initial conversation will help us to set you up with your perfect match. Chances are you may have already visited our website and have a lady in mind. We will work with the ladies to accommodate this, but as our escorts have varying schedules, it is best to get in touch and book in advance to ensure the availability of your desired companion is guaranteed.

Even if you have just had a shower at home or in your hotel, you are still required to shower upon arrival with your escort as a courtesy to her.
Preparing For A Date With An Escort

As you would expect, and to ensure your maximum pleasure, our ladies spend a great deal of time and effort preparing themselves for your encounter to pique your interest from the very first moment you meet.

It is expected of guests also take some time and consideration prior to the booking to prepare themselves. You wouldn’t arrive unclean and unkempt to any other date, so why should a booking with one of our ladies be any different!?

Taking the time to shower, shave, dress smartly, brush your teeth and spray on a little (emphasis on little! It does go a long way) cologne will allow the ladies to feel more comfortable and in sync with you. Small extras such as trimming your fingernails and chewing a mint before meeting your date will help with dispelling any uncomfortable hygiene conversations also, moving the vibe of the booking from awkward to sensual.

Having A Drink With Your Date

Popping open a bottle of champagne and enjoying a glass or two with your date is a fantastic way for each of you to relax, break the ice and become more comfortable with one another, but it can have its drawbacks.

For incalls, we will provide a beverage of choice.

For outcalls, ensure for safety reasons if you are to pour a drink for your date it is from a newly opened bottle and opened in her sight. Due to our ladies personal preferences, they may not drink with you initially, or at all in your follow-up encounters.

Respecting your date and her wishes regarding alcohol consumption will go a very long way.

At best keep your drinking to a minimum. Large consumption of alcohol does not bear well for performance, and after all, you are there for pleasure!

Intoxicated guests will not be permitted entry, or be asked to leave.

Enjoying a drink with your date can be a great way to relax with each other. Just make sure it’s an unopened bottle, and she is able to see you open it, and don’t be offended if she doesn’t want to drink alcohol.

At The Beginning Of Your Escort Encounter

At the beginning of your booking with your date, have the agreed upon fee for her time ready to pass over. It is common courtesy to get the ‘formalities’ out of the way. Not doing so at the start, and leaving it until later can put you both in an uncomfortable position when she has to ask of you to share the payment with her. This can take away from the fantasy that your date is trying to build for you and make the encounter not as pleasurable as hoped for.

If you are meeting in an outcall, be discreet about passing over the fee (her privacy is as important as your own!) or wait until you are alone. During this time, please allow for a few moments for your date to check through and confirm everything is in order.

Take the time following this to enjoy your dates company, and become comfortable in one another’s presence before moving on to the main event. Consider this time an entree to the feast. Whilst it may not be long, it helps to set up a good base that will help create that chemistry and tension that will build up into an electrifying main course.

Laugh, chat, ask questions and get to know little bits of one another. However, remember that privacy for your date is important, and do not ask probing questions of her personal life, or ask for information that she isn’t willing to share. She will afford you the same courtesy! Warm conversation and humor are wonderful ways to put you both at ease and form a genuine connection.

Please do not ask to see our ladies outside of your sessions together; they have chosen to be represented by an agency for a reason. It only serves as an uncomfortable situation for them to invent reasons as to why they decline advances.

Please respect their business and their privacy, as they request yours.

Enjoying The Main Event

Let yourself release into the fantasy you’ve been building up in your mind with with main event. Let your date pleasure you, as she will certainly know how, and do it well.

However, as per any other intimate encounter, remember that boundaries and spoken communication is important in your time together.

Communicating your interests at the beginning of your session will offer an understanding of what your date is comfortable with, and what can be enjoyed together. It is important to respect your date’s wishes, and if she does not want to do something, to not attempt to engage her in that act during.

Mutual consent between participants is of the highest priority, and if either of you find something uncomfortable or not to your interests, it is the other’s responsibility to listen, alter and shift to rectify this.

It is also important to remind guests that protection shall be used at all times for all activities, and our ladies will not indulge with you otherwise. We understand that you are paying for a service, but each service has regulations, and it is appropriate to stand by all regulations created by our ladies around safety, hygiene and intimate activities.

We understand it may feel better for you without a condom, but that is not a valid enough reason to put the health and safety of your dates (or yours!) at risk.

The respect of your date will ensure both of you have a fun and enjoyable time together!

If you find yourself being taken to new heights of pleasure that you cannot get enough and want to extend your time together, enquire with your date about her availability. If she can accommodate more time for you, payment will be expected at the start of that time. If not, you will know you need to extend your next booking with her!

Respect In The Beginning, Middle, And End

Once your time together has come to an end, don’t forget to say thank you and be grateful for your time with your date. Not only will it help pique her interest about booking with you again, the general use of respect will leave both of you feeling happy and satisfied about your time together.

On this note, manners and respect throughout the encounter (from initial contact to wishing one another goodbye) is incredibly important.

Communication that is polite, professional and courteous will hold you in high esteem with our ladies. Specific phrases and tones have their time and place (sexual and arousing tones are wonderful in the bedroom).

If you treat our ladies with respect and follow this guide, you can be sure to have a wonderful, memorable experience!

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