Everything You Need To Know About The Girlfriend Experience

When our clients initially enquire with us about escorts in Auckland, it is frequently followed up by asking whether we deliver the Girlfriend Experience. In short, absolutely! 

With the girlfriend experience (or GFE) being one of our most sought after services, we think it’s best to be fully informed on what you are investing in.

A favourite of our clients and our ladies, the GFE is the ultimate in escort experiences and a wonderful way to connect with someone on a deeper level. We’ve put together a blog post for gentlemen interested in the Girlfriend Experience and wanting to know more about it before booking one in!

What Is The Girlfriend Experience?

Known affectionately as the GFE, the girlfriend experience is, in essence, a “proper date” with one of our ladies where there is a higher level of warmth, passion and enthusiasm that isn’t captured from casual or more risque escort encounters. The GFE is an opportunity to experience and appreciate the best parts of a relationship without any of the strings, commitment, history that is attributed to real-world relationships. 

It is not unusual for our clients to extend GFE’s overnight, or even book weekends away in order to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of the experience. 

We believe it is the best opportunity for returning clients to fall into a closer ‘relationship’ with their favoured lady, or for those who have been out of the dating game to get back on the horse. It is also not uncommon for the GFE to be a way that gentlemen lose their virginity in an intimate, comfortable and experienced environment. 

It truly is the triple threat of escort services!

Travel companionship is a wonderful service offered by our escorts. They’ll make any trip extra steamy!

What Happens During The Girlfriend Experience?

Ultimately, that is up to you and your date! As we’ve touched on, for a GFE it is not unusual for clients to book time with our ladies over an extended period, often 5-6 hours, overnight, or even weekends.

Our ladies have joined our clients on dinner dates, shopping expeditions, tourist trips, as a plus one to an event, or even to travel – we all know travelling can easily be improved with a beautiful woman at your side.

With the natural understanding that sex will be included if previously discussed, many of our clients also enjoy our ladies’ company in the GFE through the element of more comfortable conversation. Spending time chatting through your life and any problems that may be ailing you with your date is a great way to unwind and relax and be yourself, without the overbearing concern of judgement or repercussions. It is an opportunity for you both to have a drink or two, enjoy some breathtaking sex, relax back in bed and discuss the problems of the world like a true couple. 

Due to the type of date that it is, it is not unusual for our ladies to look forward to and enjoy these dates as much as our clients! Whilst still a job, it is a fun way for our ladies to get to know their regular clients or new clients more intimately. 

How Much Does The Girlfriend Experience Cost?

We’re not going to lie to you, our GFE’s are an exclusive and special service with our ladies, that is uniquely tailored to your request and interests, so the experience doesn’t come cheap.

However, we can guarantee that a more extended, intimate experience with our escorts is worth every dollar.

If you would like to know more about the pricing of our GFE’s with our ladies, you can see their rates on their profiles, or you can enquire via our contact page. 

Some Things To Consider When You Book A Girlfriend Experience

Whilst there is a level of comfort added in to the GFE, it is important to remember that is a professional interaction first, and experience second. 

Allowing your date her own privacy and respecting her boundaries is just as important as any other session with her. This includes post-experience communication. Where in a normal girlfriend situation it may be natural to keep in touch, to keep by your date’s professional persona, communication and bookings need to be conducted through her agency.

We couldn’t recommend trying out the Girlfriend Experience more. It is the perfect choice for someone looking to enjoy the next level of connection with their date, and for those looking to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy.

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